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BMC Remedy

Aim Hire have partnered with various companies to introduce several Value Add Apps to the evolving BMC ITSM market.

By working with partners whose products extend BMC Software’s tools we can add significantly more value to our customers’ technology investments

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TekWurx uControl

Scapa BMC ADDM is the best application discovery and dependency mapping solution on the market today. Many of the world’s leading companies have used ADDM to gain an accurate understanding of their application architectures, which has helped them to improve systems and services as well as deliver new capabilities.


Yet, however good BMC ADDM is at gathering information about the make-up of your application topology, it still takes trained staff many hours, and in some cases days or weeks, to compile, analyse and make sense of this data.

This is where TekWurx uControl suite comes in. As the name suggests, it puts YOU in control, to substantially reduce the cost and complexity of BMC ADDM ownership.

By cutting out the need to learn complex reporting and scripting languages, uControl puts application mapping in your hands, producing detailed reports on which applications sit where and how they work together.

Further, uControl can keep you clearly and simply informed of the changes in the application topography and enable you to easily manage this change

The uControl suite comprises:

  • uMap
  • uChange
  • uManage
  • uReport
  • uPolicy - new in V3

So whether you are thinking about moving to BMC ADDM or have been using it for years chances are, if you like what it can do, you'll love what it can do with uControl.


uMap enables end-users to quickly and efficiently map application/service models through an easy-to-use UI. This automated solution reduces the amount of effort for modelling by 80 per cent and limits the need for outside expertise. As a result, the associated costs are dramatically cut.


uChange allows users to understand changes to modelled applications and control any updates back within ADDM. Through an intuitive user interface, businesses can clearly see and manage any alterations to the application topography. The benefits of uChange’s automated application lifecycle analysis and updates include increased productivity and reduced ADDM management costs


uManage provides greater control over the management and delivery of BMC ADDM. The centralised and simplified management of all BMC ADDM appliances ensures increased productivity and oversight. A key feature is the automation of best practice into a structured workflow, helping you make sure your team is working as effectively as possible.


uReport enables users to analyse reports without the need to learn or use TQL language. Through the friendly UI, uReport quickly shows users what they need to know about their appliances and application architectures from a top-level view, right down to an in- depth analysis. This allows businesses to rapidly better understand their infrastructures and how to improve them.

uPolicy - new in V3

uPolicy provides the ability to set policies for ADDM, Security, Vulnerability, Change Control and Software via a simple user interface. uPolicy will raise an event when a policy is breached.

  • Management and Automation Give your organisation the ability to control, monitor and administer multiple ADDM appliances from a central console thus reducing the amount of time required to check appliance status, health and discovery conditions and simplifying the roll out of updates, patterns and scanning control.
  • Application Modelling Removes the need for you to learn TPL and instead enables applications to be modelled based upon a UI wizard – reducing the complexity of modellng and therefore the time taken to achieve results and the costs normally associated with this.
  • Knowledge Base Provide your end users with a self help portal for using and working with ADDM in your specific environment. Access to common questions, requirements for success, infrastructure deployment and discovery – all tailored to you.
  • Lifecycle Keep your application models current, up to date and in synch with your Application system of record by being alerted to application framework changes – enabling you to take the appropriate action.
  • Policy Out of the box and customer defined policies enable the use of ADDM discovery data in setting and monitoring organisational compliance – and more importantly where compliance is not being met.
  • Data Quality Give your teams the confidence that they can rely upon the data you provide from ADDM. Inbuilt gold data can be used to validate data being returned from your estate by ADDM

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