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If you are a contract or temporary worker then there a number of issues around your compliance to local and international tax laws and rules and this is down to you to confirm that you are following the right processes to make sure you are compliant.


UK and Local Tax Compliance

You are solely liable for all taxes due on all income you earn whether this income is earned in the UK or abroad, Aim Hire Recruitment Ltd is in no way responsible for any issues or liabilities that may arise from any contracts undertaken by you or your limited company and are only acting as a service provider to our clients.

If you are taking on a contract outside of the UK then you are strongly advised to ensure you have taken professional and legitimate advice to cover all aspects of your possible tax liabilities and the regulations specific to the country you will be working in.

We do not want to cause you alarm or any unnecessary hassle, but you might be working outside of the UK and we have an obligation to inform you that contractors working through UK based Limited Companies or Umbrella Companies when working away from the UK could come under local Tax Compliance laws, the situation seems to affect most countries in the EMEA region and could particularly affect you if you will be working continuously for more than 183 days in any 12 month tax period.

We suggest that this is something that you would be advised to look into to ensure that you are compliant with all local, international and UK tax laws whilst working abroad.

Firstly please look at the information supplied by HMRC on double taxation on this link: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/international/dta-intro.htm.

There are companies that can offer advice to you, and although we cannot recommend any, we have recently spoken to 3 of them who are knowledgeable in this area, if you would like to get in touch with them their details are below, Aim Hire receive no recompense in any form from them.

Alternatively contact your accountant for advice; they should be able to let you know what your own personal circumstances are and whether you need to comply with any third party regulations and tax laws.

We do also have a solicitor we use ourselves who are also specialists in this area, so if you need some independent legal advice on this issue then please contact Martin John at Healy’s Solicitors on 020 7822 4000, but again be advised solicitors do charge for their services.

The above is something that you are well advised to check out for your own purposes, the implications of doing nothing may incur tax liabilities for yourselves, us and even the end client.

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