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BMC Remedy

Aim Hire have partnered with various companies to introduce several Value Add Apps to the evolving BMC ITSM market.

By working with partners whose products extend BMC Software’s tools we can add significantly more value to our customers’ technology investments

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PWS ShareRemedy


ShareRemedy is a flexible, innovative product from KTSL partner, Panacea. Once deployed the product allows users to create, modify or view data stored in any Remedy Forms, from within Sharepoint, in minutes not weeks!


Utilising SharePoint's deployable Web Part functionality, we give you the power to integrate Remedy as a SharePoint feature fully controllable from SharePoint Central Admin Console. The connection through to the AR Server uses the BMC ARS C API, so SharePoint can act as another client of your Remedy Servers in real time.

Configuration not development

This product achieves all functionality by utlising XSLT configuration files to change not only how the webpart looks but how it functions. This means that new functionality can be added to your SharePoint portal via configuration changes rather than time-consuming and expensive development. Providing a low risk and rapid development of integration points between Remedy and SharePoint for the business.

Quickstart Tool

We have developed a quickstart tool to allow users unfamiliar with XLST to create configuration files rapidly via a simple Windows interface. We have included functionality within our quickstart tool that we know would be beneficial when creating interfaces into Remedy. Allowing you to rapidly create tables/grids onto remedy data, input forms and a variety of other functionality

Quickstart tool features - Grid

Using the quickstart interface users can select any Form within their Remedy environment and create a table field (grid view) onto the data within it. The table or grid can be set-up directly from a Remedy tablefield object, pulling the query and column information from the Remedy object if required. Further functionality allows the user to create actions which are triggered against each row or entry in the grid. A common scenario would be to create a view of the Service Requests associated with a user and create an action which allows the user to update a worklog associated with them. This integration can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

Quickstart tool features - Set Fields

Use the QuickStart tool to build "Set-Field" operations, familiar to Remedy developers, for use in your webpart to pull back information from the Remedy environment ( for setting User / Support / Asset details on an incident for example).

Quickstart tool features - Query Menus

The quickstart tool allows the rapid creation of Query menus, built directly from queries against Remedy forms. Dependent/Linked Query menus can also be built for use in your web-parts, so you can derive, for example, 3 tiers of Operational Categories to be used in a form for submitting an incident.

Quickstart tool features - Parameterised/Pre Queries

ShareRemedy Create a pre-query to derive some additional information from Remedy for use in your integration. Determine the users entitlement or group membership and then provide access to requests based on this information. For example create a support console view (such as Change Management Consoles) and allow users to view their own requests or requests assigned to one or all of the groups of which they are a member.

Other Integration features

  • Wiki Feature
  • Calendar Web Part
  • Graph

Proven Experience

ShareRemedy Panacea & KTSL have over 15 years of experience creating Products that use the BMC Remedy API to deliver commercial solutions. We have over 200 customers using our solutions or products worldwide.


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