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Aim Hire have partnered with various companies to introduce several Value Add Apps to the evolving BMC ITSM market.

By working with partners whose products extend BMC Software’s tools we can add significantly more value to our customers’ technology investments

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Hitachi ID

Hitachi ID

Hitachi ID Identity Manager is an integrated solution for managing identities and security entitlements across multiple systems and applications. Organisations depend on Identity Manager to ensure that users get security entitlements quickly, are always assigned entitlements appropriate to their needs and in compliance with policy and are deactivated reliably and completely when they leave the organisation.

Identity Manager implements the following business processes to drive changes to users and entitlements on systems and applications:

  • Automation: grant or revoke access based on data feeds
  • Synchronisation: keep identity attributes consistent across applications
  • Self-service: empower users to update their own profiles
  • Delegated administration: allow business stakeholders to request changes directly
  • Certification: invite managers and application owners to review and correct entitlements
  • Workflow: invite business stakeholders to approve or reject requested changes

Hitachi  ID Hitachi ID Password Manager is an integrated solution for managing user credentials, across multiple systems and applications. Password Manager simplifies the management of those credentials for users, to reduce IT support cost and to improve the security of login processes.

Password Manager includes password synchronisation, self-service password reset, enterprise single sign-on, PIN resets for tokens and smart cards, enrolment of security questions and biometrics and emergency recovery of full disk encryption keys. Password Manager:

  • Strengthens the security of login-related IT support processes
  • Reduces the volume and duration of IT support calls
  • Improves user productivity

Password Manager accomplishes this with:

  • Password synchronisation and single sign-on.
  • Self-service password reset and PIN reset.
  • Recovery of forgotten activation passwords for full disk encryption.
  • Simplified enrolment of security questions, mobile phone numbers and biometrics.

Password Manager includes connectors to manage PINs, passwords and encryption keys on over 110 kinds of systems and applications.

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