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BMC Remedy

Aim Hire have partnered with various companies to introduce several Value Add Apps to the evolving BMC ITSM market.

By working with partners whose products extend BMC Software’s tools we can add significantly more value to our customers’ technology investments

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Alderstone Consulting

Bomgar simplifies support by letting technicians control remote computers, servers, smartphones and network devices over the internet or network. With Bomgar, a support analyst can see what the client sees or control their computers to provide support.

Seeing the screen helps you decrease on-site visits, eliminate phone support, and respond effectively to peaks in demand.

Bomgar works on Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and multiple Linux distros.

Take a look at this video & watch Bomgar in action.

The Remote Support Appliance™

Bomgar was the first to introduce an appliance-based approach to remote support. Bomgar’s patented deployment model – The Bomgar Box™ – continues to be the most secure option for deploying remote support.??The Bomgar Box resides at your facility under the security measures already in place. Bomgar offers more control over security, giving you a safe way to integrate remote support with identity management and making it easy to export reporting data and videos for a complete audit trail.?Security??Bomgar makes remote support secure, integrated and manageable. It integrates with identity management, gives managers complete visibility into support activity, includes powerful tools for technicians and automates redundant tasks.


You support more than just Windows, but most remote control tools do not. Bomgar gives you remote access to all the platforms you support, inside or outside the network. And it works on both attended and unattended computers and servers.


With Bomgar, you can eliminate phone support and drive all requests through the web. Create queues to route requests, offer chat support from your website before remote control or deploy custom portals for each group or product supported.


Multiple groups across your organization can use Bomgar. Achieve better utilization, improve productivity and enable collaboration without skyrocketing costs. Your service desk, IT team, customer support and vendors can all use Bomgar.

Unified Remote Support for All Your Systems Wherever They Are

Bomgar offers the broadest platform support of any remote support solution. Bomgar supports unattended systems, as well as those with an end user present, and we include all supported platforms in the core product. This lets you resolve issues spanning multiple systems without creating multiple audit trails. Supporting everything with one solution speeds incident handling time and rep productivity.

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