Advantages of E-commerce

When well-respected consultancies start to talk about Electronic commerce making up almost fifty percent of total retail sales within a […]

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5 of the best apps for adding value to your service desk

If you have recently automated your service desk to BMC or are now thinking about doing so, then there are numerous apps on the market that can enhance the software. Here at Aim Hire, we understand that the BMC software is expanding at an astonishing rate, and that is why we have teamed up with KTSL to bring you some industry-standard apps – so you can take advantage of this expansion and add some extra value to your service desk. Here are just a few of the apps that we are proud to offer to our clients.

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The most important trends likely to hit the e-commerce sector in 2017

The online retail industry is booming at the moment, and that is great news for candidates who want to work in the sector. Last year, over £114bn was spent online, and this figure has increased by 11% year-on-year. With 2017 just around the corner, there are likely to be some key trends emerging in the e-commerce sector next year that all employers and candidates will have to keep abreast if they are to succeed. Here’s what could be in store for the sector throughout the course of next year.

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Building your own e-commerce business

Embracing the e-commerce market is crucial if you want your company to stay above the competition. The scope that the Internet provides is global, allowing you to reach billions of potential customers and boost your turnover in the process.

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How implementing BMC software can help your business

BMC offers a wide range of user-friendly software that takes the stress out of managing large IT systems. Thousands of processes can be taken care of by BMC with its quick and comprehensive automated management.

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How server automation can benefit your business

It should not come as a surprise to you that computer systems play a huge part in today’s ever-changing business world. They can act as a platform to sell your products, act as a HR database or allow you to engage and interact with customers all over the world. However, as the technology used in these systems becomes more advanced, it will be difficult and time-consuming for your IT Support staff to keep on track of these developments. As a result, you run the risk of letting your server maintenance and administration tasks piling up – and this is why server automation infrastructure may be the best tactic to keep your IT network up to speed.

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Essential skills needed to become a great IT Service Manager

IT Service management is all about creating services that really enhance the customers’ experience of using your company’s online platform. This is often a customer-facing role that goes beyond simply implementing the product – you will be required to provide support to the user when problems occur. So with such a varied, interesting role, what does it take to succeed in IT Service Management?

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Getting noticed in the service management sector

The IT service management sector is a vital one, concerning itself with the design, creation and maintenance of an organisation or department’s IT services.

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Build your IT skills: how it could lead to a career in IT service management

IT isn’t a sector with the most glamorous image – indeed, it is one of those ubiquitous professions that seems to scream ‘life in the 2010s’ – and IT service management may produce even more glassy-eyed looks from those who you meet at social events.

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