5 of the best apps for adding value to your service desk

If you have recently automated your service desk to BMC or are now thinking about doing so, then there are numerous apps on the market that can enhance the software.  Here at Aim Hire, we understand that the BMC software is expanding at an astonishing rate, and that is why we have teamed up with KTSL to bring you some industry-standard apps – so you can take advantage of this expansion and add some extra value to your service desk. Here are just a few of the apps that we are proud to offer to our clients.

Scapa TPP

scapa tpp service app


This app ensures your BMC service desk runs at continuously high levels of performance.  Not only does it measure system performance, but it also comes with a comprehensive method of testing that allows you to identify and fix a whole range of issues before they have the ability to impact on your systems. One feature that makes this application stand out from the crowd is that it performs its testing methods from the point of view of your users – meaning you will be able to make informed decisions that will move your business forward and make your systems more accessible.

Risk reasoning

Risk Reasoning is an app that provides a strategic, business-focused approach to the management of risk and uncertainty. It helps protect your service desk from events that could seriously damage your reputation as a company. The app will calculate the exposure that certain reputation-damaging events could get and then allows you to take preventative actions to eliminate or reduce the problem. The app also allows you to collaborate with other people in your department, and this level of flexibility cannot be achieved through paper-based risk control.


Bomgar app remote support services


This app allows your experts to remotely access your clients’ systems. You will also be able to set up restriction and authorisation processes that allow you to control who has access to your most important servers and systems. Versatility is where Bomgar excels. It can work across platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. The comprehensive customer support network is another reason why Bomgar is an essential purchase for your service desk.

Hitachi ID Identity Manager

If you have multiple systems and applications to control and manage, then the Hitachi ID Identity Manager makes the whole process so simple. This app excels in collaborative working. You can invite managers to view and change the entitlements of the other members of staff on the system, and the Delegated Administration feature allows stakeholders to request changes in a matter of seconds. This app streamlines your security systems, allowing you to control who has access to each system in your business.

PWS ShareRemedy

This app is perfect for creating an integrated service desk. It will merge your BMC Remedy software and your Microsoft SharePoint software together to allow you to share documents and company information between the platforms in a matter of seconds.